2 Months Online Deep Dive
+ 7 day in person facilitator intensive


The Sensual Soma Yoga Teacher Training is first and foremost an in depth voyage into the layers of our own internal world and a journey into the divine self.

Explore the art of somatic healing, nervous system regulation, yin yoga, sensual yoga, tantra, transformative feminine embodiment, trauma informed facilitation and so much more.

Embarking on this journey, you will cultivate your own somatic wisdom, deep emotional understanding while simultaneously gaining knowledge and refining your capabilities that will give you confidence in your role as a teacher & powerful facilitator. 

Our second round of The Sensual Soma is going to be extra special as it is a Hybrid! This gives us the opportunity to embark on an online journey together for 2 months from the comfort of our own homes and to integrate the training into our every day lives. And then we get to cone together in person to deepen and integrate all the powerful teachings into practice. This is such an exciting and rare opportunity to have the best of both world: an online space and an in person intimate experience!

When you cater to your own internal healing and personal growth you can hold a truly safe space for others. 

Learning to live and teach from an embodied place. 

Two Months Online Journey

A 2 month online journey starting September 1st until october 27th. A deep dive into all our modules which you can find in detail below.

‣ 2 weekly live classes, Wednesday & Sundays via zoom 

‣ live recordings will be available after

‣ an array of prerecorded content 

‣ life time access to all content

‣ private online community space


Seven Day in Person Facilitator Intensive

We will meet on the 2nd of November in a dream like finca here on the island of mallorca for 7 days until the 9th. 

A supportive live space for us to come together and integrate and deepen in all we have learnt so far. Show up as your most informed, powerful and integrous space holder. 

This live intensive will be centred around supporting one another through practice teaching and educational workshops & transformative practices to always bring us back to ourselves.

Your transformation awaits

Dive into yourself


the body as distinct from the soul, mind or psyche

Our intention is to guide, support and help you develop the knowledge and radical awareness to truely know yourself, understand yourself and in turn live your most purpose led life.

Together we are creating a new way of being and a new form of expression. This expression has no rigidity or rules, this exploration is a quest to find your own divine inner guru. The part of you that is alive, expressed and flows freely through the ever-changing cycles of your existence. It’s time to create an unshakable relationship with your own self trust. We live in a world where we are constantly being told how we should live and show up & this teacher training is a big permission slip to loosen the tightness around what you hold as “truth”.

We invite you to make the commitment of remaining present, open-minded, and willing to be in the fire for the sake of your own internal growth. There will be times when this program is challenging - physically, emotionally & intellectually and we invite you to take full responsibility for your own internal condition.

And my love, we will be right there in the fire with you.

Module 1

The Somatic Body

A transformative module that invites you to delve into the profound realm of embodied experience. Embarking on a journey to unravel the rich tapestry of sensations, emotions, and physicality that make up the essence of our being. Cultivating a deeper connection with our bodies, uncovering hidden narratives, understanding trauma and accessing new levels of self-awareness.

* Understanding the nervous system & Trauma
* Somatic Intelligence & Accessing our Innate Body Wisdom
* Somatic Movement therapy & intuitive movement
* Tantra: the path of sensual aliveness
* Taoist teachings
* Yin Yang Philosophy

Module 2

Yogic Union

A continued education yoga teacher training, that is so much more than a yoga teacher training.
Here we bring all the beauty of our body wisdom together with our yoga practice. Profound ancient philosophy meets practice and principles for you as a teacher. The fundamentals of your own intuitive practice & where the teachings come from. All this knowledge for you to take on your own journey with yourself, and for others.

* The fundamentals of yin yoga
* The fundamentals of sensual yoga & non linear movements
* Understanding asana as moving meditation
* Rest & recovery & resourcing
* The power & intelligence of breath/ prana
* Meridians & the 5 elements
* Deep dive into functional & embodied AnatomyyP

Module 3

Feminine Embodiment

A profound journey of self-discovery, a deep dive into the layers of your being, where you unravel the intricacies and complexities of your true essence. A sacred dance between aligning with your authentic self and releasing the societal conditioning and shame that have interweaved its way into your identity. To embrace Feminine Embodiment is to embark on a transformative exploration, navigating the depths of your soul with courage and vulnerability.

* Feminine embodiment & intimacy with our feminine nature
* The menstrual cycle & the 4 inner seasons
* The innate wisdom & power of your womb
* Pelvic floor health
* Female hormone balancing through movement
* Sexuality & Sensuality
* Exploring conditioning, stories & shame
* The art of holding & being held in sisterhood
* Healing as nature

Module 4

Facilitation from a place of integrity

Learn to show up powerfully as a facilitator, space holder & teacher, for yourself and for others. To be a safe space for others always starts from within. When we learn to nourish ourselves, we learn to nourish the world around us.

* Trauma Informed Facilitation & Teaching
* Safe, Intuitive & Transformative Space Holding from a place of integrity
* Conscious communication
* The importance of self-responsibilty & self-nourishment as a space holder
* Safe, informed & creative sequencing
* Storytelling & weaving the theme of a class
* Building rituals around your work
* Emotional intelligence & boundaries
* Building a soul aligned community & brand & business
* Teaching yoga online tools & insights

Module 5

LIVE 7 day facilitator intensive

A supportive live space for us to come together and integrate and deepen in all we have learnt so far. Show up as your most informed, powerful and integrous space holder. This live intensive will be centred around supporting one another through practice teaching and educational workshops & transformative practices to always bring us back to ourselves.

* A safe and supportive space to be held in sisterhood and understand the importance of collaboration and celebration of one another.
* Nourishment of body, mind and soul through the special balearic energy of Mallorca while integrating these powerful teachings
* 3 daily delicious local, organic and vegetarian meals
* Rest & Rejuvination time
* We will have the whole finca to ourselves, with beautiful gardens & an inviting salt water pool
* You will leave Mallorca feeling empowered in your authenticity & deeply aligned in what you have to offer, to yourself & others. The perfect way to integrate this life changing training and bring it to a close, together.

Bonus Material to go even deeper

This teacher training is packed with valuable and juicy information all throughout AND you get access to these exclusive courses on top:

  • Cyclical Exploration Course

    €110 value

    Dive into the wisdom of your womb with sensual yoga classes & guided embodied meditations for all cycle phases and a deep exploration of your cyclical nature.

  • Yin Yoga, The Meridians & The 5 Elements Course

    €200 value

    recorded yin yoga classes for each element.
    Recorded deep dive classes on the meridians channels, the Chinese 5 elements & the eastern view of the organs.

  • Full In Depth Functional Anatomy Course

    €200 value

    A full in depth deep dive into western vs eastern anatomy. Understanding our body on an energetic level means understanding the body on a anatomical level. Created for all learners.

Schedule & Dates

Hybrid training
Starting with a 2 month online journey starting September 1st
LIVE 7 day fascilitator intensive in Mallorca, Spain from November 2nd to the 9th

First 2 Months Live Classes & Online Schedule

From September 1st we will come together for 2 weekly live classes every Wednesday and Sunday at 5 pm (CET). Each live class will be around 2 hours, this will be our ongoing schedule. All live classes will be recorded and you will have access to the recording forever. It is recommended and will be so beneficial for you to attend the live classes if you can, however it is not mandatory and you can take the course as self paced as you like 🙏🏼

Live facilitator intensive

The part of the training will be in person, taking place on the beautiful balearic island of Mallorca on a breathtaking finca in the countryside. This is where we have the chance to put all the powerful teachings into practice, to be the most trauma informed and powerful space holder.

Who we are

Lisa Weinhold

Sensual Yoga & Tantric Embodiment Teacher

Lisa is an embodiment sensual yoga teacher and photographer passionate about helping others connect to the beautiful wisdom of their bodies. She creates safe spaces for others to open up and be in their fullest expression. In their vulnerability. In their wildness. In their feminine.

Lisa is devoted to teaching the most authentic transformational practices ranging from sensual yoga, tantric breathwork modalities and embodiment practices. Guiding you back into your body, back to self- trust and the naturally sensual state you were born to embody.

Susanna Soma

Somatic Coach & Embodied Yoga Teacher

Australian born, long time yoga teacher & student of the world, Susanna has always been deeply fascinated by the human condition, trauma & somatic intelligence. Studying all over the world, blending all her teachings, philosophies and experience together, and delving into her own inner work and being the work.

"My passion and desire is to guide those who are called, to find their personal and innate liberation & inner freedom as I have experienced within myself.
To guide others back to their humanity, and to a deep and embodied love for themselves and release shame, fear and lack of self worth.
We all deserve to feel worthy, seen & loved, first and foremost from ourselves."

The Sensual Soma Yoga Teacher Training is for you if you are...

  • a yoga teacher who wants to deepen their knowledge in sensual yoga, yin yoga, somatics and embodiment in their teachings

  • a coach, healer, wellness guide or facilitator who wants to bring the tangible and powerful tools of this training into their spaces

  • a practitioner who wants to explore the wisdom of their body, create a safe space for their own healing journey & feel a desire to serve others in the future

  • an artist and any kind of creative wanting to deepen into their own level of embodiment and deepen their relationship with themselves, and also share this passion with others

All Pricing Options


*The prices for our full Hybrid Option include 7 Nights at Luxury Accommodation nestled on the island of Mallorca at the magical Sanau Retreat Center plus a local organic vegetarian (absolutely delicious) daily Menu

A Special Offer...

...for those of you that would like access to The Sensual Soma online course library. This will give you access to all recorded live classes & access to 4 additional in depth pre-recorded courses. This is the online library of the training, including replays of the live classes. This is the option that does not include the 7 day in person part of the training, therefor you will NOT receive a training certificate.

This is for you if you want to participate in the training and get all the knowledge and content for a much affordable price.

“She is a wild, tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within.”

― John Mark Green

What our students have said 🌹


I can't explain in words what Sensual Soma leaves behind, because it is a riot of emotions, of sharing, of hearts that touch each others. This was a journey: discovering myself, discovering yoga, discovering how the body works, my femininity and sensuality. I don't believe in myself very much, the last few years have demolished me mentally and physically, but yoga is making me get back on my feet, in my roots, in body. Yoga is my blessing and I want to pass this blessing to others. Teaching is turning out to be my motive, my reason and after this course I feel even more that that's why l'm here. Sensual Soma is not only an enrichment of knowledge, it was inspiration, art in movement, support, it was awareness. I feel like I'm a better teacher and a better person. I feel that what it leaves behind is unconditional love for myself. Thanks to Lisa and Susanna, wonderful creatures, pure inspiration.”

Loredana Bedoni

It was sooooooo amazing. Really! Soo damn good work! The courses, the lives classes, the lovely presence, the chat with oneanother, the lessons that you prerecorded. Amazing. With so much love and passion. Such nice videos. Felt like Home. One of my favourite parts were the Cyclical Explorations of the Inner Season Parts. So wonderful, and i use these themes all months. Secons Part were the live trainings. Thank you two godesses for this experiences with another. Everything was so lovely, good, juicy, with so much sensuality and humaness. Thank you Lisa and Susana for the presence, for holding the space, for your voices in my head now, for the lovely manual! it was defenetly livechanging for me and mindchanging. I have all of me within me. And life is lifing, thats normal, thats ok. And when its nothing there, that is also ok. Thank you for that! ”

Cristina Iten

It was THE best experience in a training that i ever had! It's already so much value in every facette and so profound and professional and loving and.... all! My favourite parts were the live calls, the cyclical exploration of the inner seasons and the sensual yoga as moving meditation. My favourite topics were definitely Sensual Yoga, Hormonal Wisdom, Nervous System, Trauma Informed Facilitation and the Sequencing and Storytelling part. My biggest take away is to be able to create a sensual yoga class, to have the foundations of the nervous system, soma and being trauma informed for facilitating anything. I am now more in my body on a daily basis and have easy accessible tools for it. Thank you for the inspiration from you two being you ♥️ ”

Eva Feest

"Taking part in The Sensual Soma was a life changing experience!! Susanna and Lisa facilitated an incredible, supportive, vulnerable and educational space that was so healing to be a part of. I felt so accepted and held in everything that came up for me and really gained a who new level of love, acceptance, safety and trust within myself. I have learnt SO much about my nervous system, trauma and had so many realisations that are helping me become a better space holder. This learning environment was unlike anything I had experienced before, it was really one of the best containers I have ever been involved in. SO grateful for this space, for all the wise teachings that were passed down that I can continue to dive into and embody in my life and for all the sister connections that have come out of this community.””

Sophia Vatousios

Pre-Requisites & Certification

Learn more about the training and who it's for

This training is a yoga alliance continued education training (YACEP). Apon successful completion of the training, you will receive a Certificate for the completion of your 100 hr Sensual Soma Yoga Training endorsed by Yoga Alliance®. The training is 2 live classes per week plus an array of educational and transformative pre recorded content. If you cannot attend live, you will still receive your certification as long as you complete the training with the recorded content available to you. This training can be as self paced as you need it to be.
This training will be a hybrid style training, this means part of the required hours for certification will be done in person. We will also give the option to just complete the 2 months of online training, this option does not include a certified teacher training certificate.

This training will give you a huge amount of tools for yourself as well as teaching and facilitating. This training does not exclude anyone, as long as you feel the calling in yourself and its a full body yes, then we invite you to take the plunge and dive in with us. First and foremost for yourself, and if you choose in the future, to share with others also.
And from a place of deep integrity and respect to the lineage, yoga should not be taught without the foundational training being included in your training hours. So, It is important to note if you have not completed at least a foundational 200hr training, it is not recommended that you teach specifically yoga to others and we highly recommend considering a 200hr foundational training if teaching yoga is something you would like to do in the future.

That being said, it is also very much available for those of you wanting this training just for yourself and your own life. As well as those who are space holders, coaches, therapists, healers & wellness practitioners.

It is important throughout this training to remember, you are responsible for your own internal and external condition. This training is not meant to treat or diagnose any psychological conditions. If you suspect that you need physical, emotional and/or mental support please contact a health care professional.

We will start in

our training begins on September 1st 2024

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